Introducing Earpiece

Back in my days at Tommy John, we were really struggling with how to measure the impact of our radio and podcast media. Our agency gave us all of the best practices, including unique promo codes and custom url landing pages, but even after instituting those practices, we were still only able to map around 10% – 15% of first-time customers to an non-digital acquisition marketing channel. After sitting around brainstorming one day, we asked “What if we asked customers how they heard about us right before they submit an order?”. Now, this might not sound particularly ground breaking (and it’s definitely not rocket science), but back in 2012, this was fairly avant-garde!

Since we were on an open-source ecommerce platform at the time, we coded in this “how heard” question, made it optional to answer, and placed it right before the order submit button. The list of marketing channels shown in the dropdown was randomly generated for each visitor, so the results were scientifically valid as well. We then rigorously A/B tested the inclusion of the question in checkout and saw no discernible decline in conversion rates.  After seeing upwards of 85% of first-time customers answering the question, we had a huge win on our hands. We now had a powerful way to measure the true impact of our offline marketing and our word-of-mouth efforts. It became our go-to attribution method for all of our radio, podcast, tv and PR efforts.

When I first started getting up to speed with Shopify Plus, I wanted to know if injecting this “how heard” question into checkout was possible. It seemed like it was, but I couldn’t find an app for it anywhere. I was also super curious about app development, so I dug in and went about creating an app with this same exact functionality. Today, I’m happy to release it to the entire Shopify Plus community at no charge.

I hope Earpiece will prove to be very useful in your marketing channel attribution efforts. I would love to hear about your experiences with it. If you are enjoying it, I would really appreciate your help in spreading the word!

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